Open Door Weekly Theme – Grand Slam

The weekly theme for May 21, 2018 is “Grand Slam”. In this unit, students will learn to calculate batting averages for a baseball game and create the appropriate fractions to represent their numeric values. They will also practice writing to express personal ideas through a quatrain poem to use as a chant for cheerleaders. The children will learn that other countries enjoy playing soccer (futbol) just as much as the United States. They will locate those countries on a map and describe the physical regions of the areas.


Pine Grove Lego Club

PG Lego Club

From the “City of London” to the “Women of NASA”, kids are having a blast building in the Pine Grove Lego Club, displaying them in cases to share their creations with others in the school.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

PG - St. Patrick's Day 2

Pine Grove children enjoyed making their own St. Patrick’s Day hats and celebrating the day.

Chapel Hill Kids Know How to Keep Warm

CH - Winter Scarves 1 cropped

During the extreme cold weather we are having, the children at Chapel Hill Elementary made their own scarves to keep warm!

CH - Winter Scarves 2 cropped

CH - Winter Scarves - group cropped

Open Door Open Houses


CH - Open House 2 crop

Ch - Open House 4

CH - Open House 5


HH - Open House 2

HH - Open House 4

HH - Open House 3  cropped


OD - Open House 2

OD - Open House 4


PG - Open House 5

PG - Open House 2


SO - Open House

SO - Open House 6