Teacher News

Tuition Reimbursement

Posted January 5, 2019

Congratulations to the following staff who received tuition reimbursement from Open Door for the 2018 Spring Semester:

Katie Vodusek works at the Jacobsville center in Anne Arundel County and received $660.00.
Casey Collins works at the Central center in Anne Arundel County and received $330.00.
Madison Brewer works at the Honeygo center in Baltimore County and received $375.00.
Brianna Hicks works at the Villa Cresta center in Baltimore County and received $500.00

Outdoor Play is Healthy for Children

Posted November 19, 2017

Outdoor Play is healthy for children after spending six and a half hours in a classroom. Structuring that play so children learn teamwork and conflict resolution skills is a key component of Open Door. Having a teacher directly involved with each group activity, prohibiting Dodge Ball and like games, encouraging team spirit, and being referee are important roles for staff when children are involved in active play!

See article – The Recess Regimen by Bill Turque

Bonus Opportunity for New Teachers

Posted September 2, 2010

For all staff who complete and submit their paperwork to the main office within 2 weeks of hire will receive a $100 bonus. 

All staff hired from September 7 forward will have 2 weeks from the date of going over their new hire packet to complete and submit paperwork in order to receive the bonus.