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Maryland Before and After School Care

Open Door was founded in 1983 in a Maryland public school because at that time quality before and after school care was unavailable. Over nearly 35 years the organization has grown to 32 schools with 2200 children in grades kindergarten through 8, and over 200 teachers. Since the organization’s purpose is to nurture the development of children, nurturing is Open Door’s core value. Nurturing flows in both directions, from the top down and the bottom up. Teacher retention is exceptional because we have always believed that for teachers to nurture students, the organization should nurture teachers as professionals. Responsive to feedback from parents and school administrators, formal evaluations lead to annual changes in program and policies. Parents, teachers and principals requested a stronger academic component to the quality school age child care program, extending knowledge acquired in the classroom to a more casual, multi-age setting. The Honor Roll Station makes available books, rulers, calculators, and a designated space for quiet each day. Children may choose to do homework, or participate in a Camelot Learning language arts activity. Much has changed in the world, and Open Door has kept pace, remaining state of the art while holding true to the singular mission of caring for children aged 5 – 12. Open Door school age child care programs are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education, for both school year and summer programming.

Before and After School Care Vision

School age children spend six and a half hours each day in the structure of an academic setting. Out of school time should offer the opportunity for socialization, active outdoor play, team building activities, creative expression, fine motor skill development, and practice in school work. Choices are the core of Open Door’s programming, to best meet the developmental needs of the students. Nurturing teachers provide a caring ear and are available for guidance after the rigor of the school day, as children select their activity from an enriched environment. Nutritious breakfast and an after school snack make transitions from Open Door to school and from school to Open Door seamless for children. Students participate in designing special projects from the ground up. Contests are held to select themes for the following session, with pizza parties for the winners! This school year, Going Green is the over arching theme, and students are contributing weekly “Going Green Tips” for the Open Door organization. Ownership of the program is shared between teachers and children, empowering our emerging young people.

Mission Statement

Open Door provides quality school age care, recognizing the role of that care in today’s families.

Open Door Locations

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Open Door is established in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Harford County. Find an Open Door school near you ยป