Before and After School Program

Choices for children are the core of Open Door’s quality before and after school programming in Maryland. After the structure of the school day, children may need active outdoor activity, or a quiet game with a small group, or space to work a puzzle alone. Different experiences during the day will impact which kind of activity is most suited to facilitate relaxation on any given day. Choices, therefore, are key to meeting the needs of each child. Activity Centers available every day for both age groups, kindergarten through 2nd grade, and third through fifth grade, include:

  • Games Galore
    board games, cards, puzzles, action games
  • Imagination Station
    a world of cars, trucks, action figures, dolls and accessories
  • Construction Zone
    building blocks, legos and fun manipulatives
  • Art Studio
    arts and crafts
  • Honor Roll
    academic choices, including homework help or Camelot Learning
  • Fresh Air Fun, weather permitting
  • Chill Space
    hang-out space for socialization, and chatting with friends
  • Cafe’ Open Door serves breakfast immediately before dismissal, and after school snack upon arrival

Clubs are selected by children, and include:

  • Showtime
  • Newsmakers
  • Movers & Shakers
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Jewelry Boutique
  • Junior Counselors
  • A World of Good
  • Green Einsteins

Children stretch and grow socially, academically, and just have fun in Open Door! Parents are confident that their children are engaged, and with a rich variety of choices, children feel independent and secure in the Open Door school age child care program.